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About Us

The office has been operating for 20 years and currently employs six lawyers, covering various areas of legal expertise. This is a "boutique firm", which designs a unique approach to suit each client and case, whether they are a business client or a client from the private or personal sector.

The firm specializes primarily in appearances, representation and litigation in courts and tribunals in the fields of commerce, personal and corporate matters, as well as leading real estate transactions (combination agreements, acquisition groups and conventional sales), in the representation and defense of debtors against banks and creditors (consolidation of files, creditor settlements, bankruptcy and discharges, intellectual property (copyright, artist contracts), multifaceted legal advice in those fields and the right to privacy and reputation.

Adv. Ron Major came to the practice of law from the business world, with which he has intimate familiarity and personal experience. Adv. Major's orientation is commercial, and he is from the school that sees the legal process as a means to achieving the client's ends and defending his various (mostly commercial and/or business and/or monetary) interests and not as an end in itself.
Adv. Major completed his studies in commercial law at an elite University in England and also holds an MBA in marketing and economics from the prestigious business school in Edinburgh. This is a real advantage for the firm's business clients, whether their business is on the rise or the verge of collapse.

The synergy between Adv. Major's legal and academic qualifications in the field of business and commerce and his personal experience in the business sector are also an advantage for the firm's private clients in the various areas in which they need advice or assistance. Because ultimately, the vast majority of disputes requiring legal intervention revolve around money and finances. Understanding the business context that has led to the dispute, together with his legal abilities, is a winning formula which is successfully applied for the firm's clients.

For the last decade the firm has also specialized in family law and naturally focuses on the commercial – monetary aspects involved in every dispute concerning divorce and inheritance.

The firm operates with professionalism, creativity, assertiveness and personal attention, selecting the most suitable framework for the (business or private) client's real needs, in each individual case.

Adv. Major is involved in every case handled by the firm, including cases which are routinely dealt with by other lawyers.


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